Mystery Writers of America is the leading association for professional crime writers in the United States. Members of MWA include most major writers of crime fiction and non-fiction, as well as screenwriters, dramatists, editors, publishers, and other professionals in the field. We welcome everyone who is interested in mysteries and crime writing to join MWA.

MWA has eleven regional chapters. Once you join MWA, you are automatically enrolled in the regional chapter in your home location. (The Southern California Chapter of MWA covers members in California and Nevada below the 36th parallel, as well as all of Arizona and Hawaii.)

There are four categories of membership:

  • Active membership is open to professional writers in the crime / mystery / suspense field whose work has been published or produced in the U.S., who reside in the U.S., and who meet specific criteria set by the Board for this category.
  • Associate membership is open to professionals residing in the U.S. who work in allied fields (such as agents, booksellers, editors, librarians, publishers, and reviewers).
  • Affiliate membership is open to writers of crime / mystery / suspense fiction who are not yet professionally published, and others with an interest in the genre, including unpaid reviewers and fans or publishers not approved by MWA.
  • Corresponding membership is for those who might be in any of the above categories, but who live outside the United States.

Full details on these levels of membership, as well as national level benefits, application instructions, and other information about joining can be found on the MWA National website: