The Unclaimed: Abandonment and Hope in the City Of Angels

A discussion with writers Pamela Prickett & Stefan Timmermans

May 2024 meeting info

Up to 150,000 Americans now go unclaimed each year. Who are they? Why are they being forgotten? And what is the meaning of life if your death doesn’t matter to others? Sociologists Pamela Prickett and Stefan Timmermans set out to answer these questions in their new book, The Unclaimed: Abandonment and Hope in the City of Angels, by following four individuals in Los Angeles and the factors that put them at risk of going unclaimed, along with the investigators, notification officers, and crematorium workers who care for them when no one else will.

Join the authors and host Ona Russell for an in-depth discussion of the book on Sunday, May 26, at 1 PM by registering at the following Crowdcast link: