SoCal MWA’s First Virtual Event

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
6:30 PM — Free

Psychotherapist and Author, Dennis Palumbo, to speak about writing and keeping, and/or staying, calm during these stressful times

It’s been a strange six months, to say the least, and in-person events that bring SoCalMWA chapter members together are not likely to be possible in the immediate future. On the plus-side, advances in virtual meeting technology mean that chapter members in Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, and parts of Southern California other than Los Angeles can now take advantage of our fabulous guest lectures without a plane, train, car, or boat. Therefore, SoCalMWA is proud to host our first virtual event speaker, Dennis Palumbo.

In his dual capacity as both author and licensed psychotherapist, Dennis Palumbo will speak on how writers can thrive in this pandemic, even in the face of uncertainty, anxiety or depression. He’ll also explore how the quarantine has made common issues like writers’ blocks and procrastination even more challenging.

Formerly a Hollywood screenwriter (My Favorite Year; Welcome Back Kotter, etc.), Dennis Palumbo is now a licensed psychotherapist specializing in creative issues. He’s also the author of Writing from the Inside Out (John Wiley) and the Daniel Rinaldi series of mystery novels (Poisoned Pen Press), the most recent of which is the award-winning Head Wounds.

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While the pandemic has made the majority of members familiar with the various platforms available, here are some basics about tuning in.

How do I watch the event?
This event will be hosted via Crowdcast, an online video streaming portal accessible through both internet browsers and mobile device apps. To see if your device can utilize Crowdcast, or to find out how to install the mobile application, CLICK HERE.

Will I need a camera or microphone?
Unlike many Zoom or G-Suite meetings, where participants besides the guest speakers can be seen in tiny windows alongside the presenters, Crowdcast is designed to replicate a lecture/performance experience, so neither audience members, nor their adorable, yet distracting pets, will be seen or heard during the presentation.

Can I ask questions?
Crowdcast offers a chat function that allows guests and audience members to interact, so questions typed into the chat thread can and will be answered by the presenter.