Luncheon: What Every Writer Should Know about Copyrights

Attorneys Charles Rosenberg and Jessica Kaye in concert doing Beethoven’s “What I Wish I Knew About Copyright Law Before they Stole my Ninth.”

Learn the best way to get and register a copyright, what “work for hire” really means, how to start to evaluate whether something is truly “fair use,” when working on something with someone else doesn’t always make you a co-author with co-rights, who owns the copyright to cover art, when you can copy song lyrics without a license (like more or less never), when you can link to something, how to become a voting member of the Copyright Registration Society, and much more (or in a nutshell, how to protect your own valuable rights and minimize the chance you’ll be sued for big bucks by violating someone else’s).


We’re back at the fabulous Tam O’Shanter where lunch includes the choice of their famous Prime Rib plus other choice selections for non-carnivores. You order┬áthere, so don’t look for menu options when you register. If you want to pay by check, you’ll have to do so at the door.

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Charles Rosenberg has practiced law in Los Angles for more than forty years. His practice has focused on business law, business litigation and intellectual property, including copyright. He has taught a variety of law school courses, including Copyright, Federal Procedure, Contracts, Entertainment Law and Law and Popular Culture, as well as business law courses in Los Angles area MBA programs. He was the credited legal consultant to the TV shows The Paper Chase, LA Law, Boston Legal and The Practice and is the author of two best-selling legal thrillers, Death on a High Floor and Long Knives, as well as the recently published Paris Ransom. He is at work on his fourth novel, Write to Die, the first of the To Die series, schedule for publication in the Summer of 2016.
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Jessica Kaye is a partner in Kaye & Mills, a law firm specializing in entertainment and publishing matters. She serves on the board of the Southern California chapter of Mystery Writers of America (MWA) and the board of Victory Theatre Center in Burbank. Jessica is a past President and current member of the board of the Audio Publishers Association. Her company, Big Happy Family, LLC ( is a digital distributor of audiobooks and ebooks. She has a short story in the new anthology OCCUPIED EARTH (Polis Books, October 2015) and created and co-edited the anthology MEETING ACROSS THE RIVER (Bloomsbury, 2005).